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Fera Balsam Undirectional Style Kain Batik Lepas Cotton Viscose in Maroon 4 Metres

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Fera Balsam is a flowering plant, known as Pokok Sembong in Malay or Blumea Balsamifera. Commonly used in traditional herbal medicine for cold, urinary tract infections, reduces high blood pressure and an anti-diarrheal. The design is made from Pucuk Fera (leaves included) and Lil Fera. A superpower, herbal plant found in the Asian tropics.

Pucuk Fera (leaves are not included) and Lil Fera is included in this One-directional Style of Handblocking process.

Cotton Viscose Range

Our Kain Batik Lepas Cotton Viscose range is simply easy to wear. The Cotton is soft, cooling which comes with a smooth look. Ironing and washing made easy, handblocked batiks using this fabric can be made into all kinds of clothing such as dresses, shirts, skirts and pants! Great for kids too!

Size and measurements:-

Length: 4 metres

Width: 42 - 45 inches

Handwash or Machinewash

Made in Kampung Serada, Kuala Terengganu

Understanding our Batik products
1. Please understand that our products are handmade, hand dyed and handpainted in Kampung Serada, Kuala Terengganu.
2. Products sold by Nysakapas may or may not contain natural and unnatural defects due to the natural environment of Kampung Serada and techniques of batikmaking such as unevenness in colour tones, lines and spots. If you are not satisfied with the products you received, do contact us through our email [email protected].
3.Our dyes are made in different batches. The results in colouring are not the same and may vary as much as 30% from one colour to the other.
4.We aim to produce good quality batiks and hope that you may consider the imperfections of the works of our art.

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